Invited Conference Presentations




  • A.J. Waddie, A. McCarthy, X. Ren, F. Villa, F. Zappa, G.S. Buller, and M.R. Taghizadeh, "Integration of Diffractive and Refractive Microlens Arrays with Low–fill Factor Single Photon Avalanche Diode Detectors", Photon 16, Leeds, UK (September 2016)

  • G.S. Buller and T. Spiller, "Progress in quantum communications technologies at the UK Quantum Technology Hub", SPIE Security + Defence, Edinburgh, UK (September 2016).

  • R.J. Collins, R.J. Donaldson, P.J. Clarke, and G.S. Buller, "Experimental Quantum Digital Signatures: The First Four Years", Energy, Materials & Nanontechnology Meeting on Quantum Communications & Quantum Imaging–2016, Berlin, Germany (August 2016).

  • G.S. Buller, A. Maccarone, X. Ren, A.M. Wallace, Y.R. Petillot, A. McCarthy, "Single–photon depth imaging for underwater applications", SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (April 2016)




  • G.S. Buller, P.J. Clarke, R.J. Collins, "Single photon detection and quantum cryptography", SPIE Security + Defence — Quantum–Physics–Based Information Security, Edinburgh, UK (September 2012)

  • G.S. Buller, "Depth imaging using single–photon detection", Keynote presentation, SPIE Security + Defence — Electro–Optical Remote Sensing, Edinburgh, UK (September 2012)

  • G.S. Buller, A. McCarthy, N.R. Gemmell, X. Ren, N.J. Krichel, R.J. Collins, S.N. Dorenbos, V. Zwiller, M.G. Tanner and R.H. Hadfield, "Kilometer range single–photon depth imaging at wavelengths of 850nm and 1560nm", SPIE Optics and Photonics, San Diego, USA (August 2012)

  • M.P. Edgar, D.S. Tasca, F. Izdebski, R.E. Warburton, G.S. Buller, J. Leach, R.W. Boyd and M.J. Padgett, "Full field measurement of spatial correlated photon pairs with an EMCCD camera", The 42nd Winter Colloquium on the Physics of Quantum Electronics, Snowbird, Utah, USA, (January 2012)





  • P.D. Mason, P.M. Gorman, A.J. Turner, D.A. Orchard, D.A. Huckridge, A. P. Southern, R.P.A. Booker, R.A. Lamb, G.S. Buller, A. McCarthy, V. Fernandez, R.J. Collins and N.J. Krichel, "Development of a covert laser range finder within the SS4CC programme", 6th Electro–Optics & Infrared Conference, Cranfield University (July 2008)

  • G.S. Buller, "Time–of–flight sensing using time–correlated single–photon counting",SPIE Photonics West, San Jose, California (January 2008)


  • G.S. Buller, A.M. Wallace, A McCarthy and R.A. Lamb, "Ranging and Three–Dimensional Imaging using Time–Correlated Single–Photon Counting", SPIE Security and Defence, Florence, Italy (September 2007)

  • G.S. Buller, "Three–Dimensional Imaging and Ranging using Time–Correlated Single–Photon Counting", SPIE Optics East, Boston, USA (September 2007)

  • G.S. Buller, "Single–Photon Avalanche Diode Detectors for Quantum Key Distribution", SIOE, Cardiff, UK (April 2007)


  • G.S. Buller, "Infrared Single Photon Counting and their Applications", The IEEE LEOS Summer Topical Meeting, Quebec, Canada (July 2006)

  • V. Fernandez, K.J. Gordon, R.J. Collins, S.D. Cova, I. Rech and P.D. Townsend, "Quantum cryptography using silicon SPADs", Rank Prize Mini–Symposium on Si–Based Optoelectronics, Windermere, UK (April 2006)

  • G.S. Buller, "Avalanche Diodes for Single Photon Detection", Rank Prize Mini–Symposium on Si–Based Optoelectronics, Windermere, UK (April 2006)



  • S. Pellegrini, G.S. Buller, "Time–Resolved Photoluminescence Measurements of InAs Self–assembled Quantum Dots", IEEE LEOS Scottish Chapter Meeting, Glasgow, UK (November 2004)


  • G.S. Buller, "Detector Issues in Quantum Key Distribution", QinetiQ Workshop on Quantum Key Distribution, Malvern, UK (October 2003)

  • G.S. Buller, "Experimental Quantum Key Distribution", Institute of Physics Introduction to Quantum Information Processing, London, UK (September 2003)

  • G.S. Buller, "Quantum key distribution in optical fiber networks", SPIE ITCOM, Orlando, Florida, USA (September 2003)


  • G.S. Buller, "Optoelectronic component evolution in quantum key distribution systems", IOG 2002/ IOG 2002 Joint Conferences, Mannheim, Germany (September 2002)

  • G.S. Buller, "Optoelectronic component research in quantum key distribution systems", Photon'02, Cardiff, UK (September 2002)


  • G.S. Buller, "Component evolution in quantum key distribution systems",Institute of Physics Quantum Electronics and Photonics Conference, Glasgow, UK (September 2001)

  • G.S. Buller, "Enabling Technologies for Quantum Key Distribution Systems", Conference on Quantum interference and cryptographic keys: novel physics and advancing technologies, Cargese, Corsica (April 2001)


  • G.S. Buller, "Semiconductor Single–Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD) detectors in the Infra–red", Rank Prize Mini–symposium on "Fast, Low–Level Light Detection", Grasmere, England (October 2000)


  • G.S. Buller, "Semiconductor Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD) detectors in the Infra–red — Status and Applications", Workshop on "New Scientific Applications in Dynamic Spectroscopy", Royal Society, London (May 1999)