Single-Photon Detector Arrays

Single‑photon detector arrays (SPDAs) are already being utilised by our and other research teams and communities for "photon‑starved" applications such as; single‑photon LIDAR, bioluminescence imaging, optical communications, and astronomy.

The Single‑Photon Group, with collaborators at the University of Edinburgh and beyond, are leading the way in demonstrating the many benefits of utilising SPDAs for quantum communications.

In 2021, we showed that SPDAs could be used to combine the measurement of encoded qubit information and spatial position, enabling us to perform QKD and pointing‑and‑tracking detection on the same detector. The combined measurement would lead to a more compact and simple receiver, improving the practicality of free‑space quantum communications.

Our future work seeks to explore further uses for SPDAs in free‑space quantum communications. Stay tuned for more!